Trailer Pack by Omenman v 5.0

Big pack SCS trailers with skins from Omenman.
The package 39 cargo and 129 skins on 2 default trailers (Box and Reefer).
Mod autonomous, nothing replaces the game.
All the trailers are included in the traffic.
In a mod prescribed manifest.
For version 1.5.2

When placing the mod for other resources to preserve the author’s link!

SCS, Omenman


3 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman v 5.0

  1. Thanks nice and big pack

    1. Glad you liked it!

  2. Good mod!

    However, there are some things that I think could make it better. First, can you make the load names in English? All there trailer load names are in Russian or something. Also, could you lower the reward for the trailers? I get like $80 a mile for delivering your trailers, but for normal trailers they are only like $30 a mile.

    Also, can you add Advanced Coupling to them? It owuld make the mod a lot better if it had advanced coupling!


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