Mac Curtain Trailer v 1.0

– Present in traffic
– Eight different skins
– Extra light LEDS
– 3AXLE version (AXIS SPREAD)
– Chassis version 4AXLE VERSION
– Chassis version 5AXLE VERSION
– Chassis version 6AXLE PERC

Tested 1.5.2s

Yankee Trucker, Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Corey (Petercar379) Kris, Sib3rius, B4RT


9 thoughts on “Mac Curtain Trailer v 1.0

  1. Still not 1.2XX compat – Only 1x Trailer shows

  2. Not it`s my original release

    1. B4RT, your release works great even when game is updated, only one issue I hope U could resolve – mentioned in your upload by James Dahm and the picture that show it …tried fixing this myself in Blender, but my knowledge isn’t there – hoping U would do it ! :)

  3. old mod from Febr. 2016

    1. Blackspots

      Nothing about this trailer was fixed for ATS 1.5

      traffic_trailer_type..sii is obsolete, as well as the attribute ‘looks’ in chassis.sii

    2. Blackspots

      But they can be deleted, and you won’t get those errors anymore.

  4. Only one skin shows up

  5. renenate12

    cant hook up too it with any truck … is it advance coupling ???

  6. Aventador

    at 1.6 version appears only 1 green trailer plus trailer with spread 2 axles have shadow bug

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