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Mac Curtain Trailer v 1.0

Date 2017-01-13 12:13

– Present in traffic
– Eight different skins
– Extra light LEDS
– 3AXLE version (AXIS SPREAD)
– Chassis version 4AXLE VERSION
– Chassis version 5AXLE VERSION
– Chassis version 6AXLE PERC

Tested 1.5.2s

Yankee Trucker, Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Corey (Petercar379) Kris, Sib3rius, B4RT


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9 Responses to Mac Curtain Trailer v 1.0

  1. Mikeb

    Still not 1.2XX compat – Only 1x Trailer shows

  2. B4RT

    Not it`s my original release

    • Mike

      B4RT, your release works great even when game is updated, only one issue I hope U could resolve – mentioned in your upload by James Dahm and the picture that show it …tried fixing this myself in Blender, but my knowledge isn’t there – hoping U would do it ! :)

  3. old mod from Febr. 2016

    • Blackspots

      Nothing about this trailer was fixed for ATS 1.5

      traffic_trailer_type..sii is obsolete, as well as the attribute ‘looks’ in chassis.sii

    • Blackspots

      But they can be deleted, and you won’t get those errors anymore.

  4. andre

    Only one skin shows up

  5. renenate12

    cant hook up too it with any truck … is it advance coupling ???

  6. Aventador

    at 1.6 version appears only 1 green trailer plus trailer with spread 2 axles have shadow bug

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