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Trailer Mac 48×102 Aluminum Flatbed [1.34.x]

Date 2019-03-15 11:18

MAC 48′ x 102″ Aluminum Flatbed
– AO Baked
– Lift Axles
– Cable support
– Ownable
– Independent cargos

– Aluminum Coil
– Concrete Highway Barriers
– Sidekit
– Empty Containers
– Construction Supplies
– Farm Supplies
– Tarped Coil
– Metal Pipes
– Lumber
– Steel Coil
– Loader Wheels

2 Variants to choose from:
– Spread Axle
– Spread Axle w/ Lift Axle

– Updated for version 1.34;
– Added for purchase to the property.

Ventures87, Wendi, Dro Modding. Mado Yaghi, Andrew Martin, John Ruda, Samson, Kyle ATS, Hardtruckisthebest, Jazzycat, Polygonish, ENG51INE, Lambo, Chris Modding


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  1. Jay

    Couple bugs, it’s missing the baked shadow under the trailer and the left taillights don’t have flares attached to them. Otherwise, really nice trailer. Hoping for updates / bug fixes!

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