8 thoughts on “TSA Fuel Tank v 1.0

  1. Christian Müller


  2. The file structure for this mod is not compatable for a rar file. regardless of how i set it up it does not show up in section for owned vehicles. It won’t even convert to a 7z,zip or scs file structure. did you even run it to see if it worked? I believe not. redo it or remove it….

    1. Do you paid for this mod? It’s so easy to just complain about something somebody else did… and you can’t say “please update”… what’s your problem? Even worse… you’re so dumb you can’t pack a #### scs file right, that’s why this is not showing in your trailer shop…

  3. is the real version available for sale somewhere?

  4. Sean Fleming

    so i cant hauler fuel?

  5. im wondering the same thing. can these models be bought legit anywhere online?

  6. erm, the mod is for version 1.30 LOL. Dude, you forgot to update..

  7. Where can we get the Caltex Trailer Skin ? i have the mod working in 1.34 but no Caltex Skin

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