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Traffic Truck Lonestar BETA

Date 2016-04-25 09:59

Lonestar-2 Lonestar-1

For ATS version 1.2.x
It has some bugs that do not affect much .

Authors: Franck, Jazzycat


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5 Responses to Traffic Truck Lonestar BETA

  1. Jazzycat

    I don’t have anything to do with this mod.

    • Email admin and ask them to remove your name from the credits jazzy…

    • franck

      and have no contact or voice to ask for permission , which is why I put the credits , x to use your folder def .

      I apologize if wrong and put credits . Thank you

  2. Philip

    Whats the name of the trailer on the last photo?

  3. mike

    can you plz. put the trailer on te last photo online i want to have that trailer

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