More AI Traffic v 3.0 (supported ATS v1.2.x)

More-AI-Traffic-2 More-AI-Traffic-1

V3 Whats’new :

Mod supports the version of ATS 1.2
Minor MOD changes
Mod is better working while playing game in x64 bit mode . Lower Performance in x86 mode .
Fixed San Francisco lag at night .
Random lag spikes on highway reduced (not yet 100% fixed) [WIP]
Compatible with AI pack by Jazzycat
Reckless cops disabled (Cops will not cut you off anymore)

Author: therealone


2 thoughts on “More AI Traffic v 3.0 (supported ATS v1.2.x)

  1. Ha-ha
    Only one line in traffic_data.sii changed
    max_vehicle_count: 115 # Total AI vehicle count limit (including trucks)
    no more any changes :D

  2. Is that good or bad

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