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The Wabash Duraplate 1.38 Ownable

Date 2020-09-07 09:57

The Wabash Duraplate by B4RT updated to 1.38 Ownable. Enjoy!

Wabash Duraplate – https://mega.nz/file/fPY2zIrT#8J24dNQrF-p9LxRpf_8vlChVSowYq1pgIdQsDv5w0Us



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  1. Andrew

    Love the Wabash Trailer mod I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it back in the game. Will there be an update for air and electric cables? Thank you for bringing this trailer out to the game again.

  2. Repost of a old mod this is. It’s says it’s been updated to v1.35 as v4.0 of the mod. Here’s the funny thing, this mod has been on v4.1 for like over a year. Be wear of all this trailer mods being posted using that Mega mod downloading site.

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