The Benson Flatbed Ownable 1.38

The Benson Flatbed Ownable 1.38
jekich1: Original model and textures
KeithD: Cargos, converting to ATS, def file setup and packaging
BanditSims: Textures and cargos
Beta Testers:
Darren Hilton
Thomas Parham Jr
Tim Sanderson
Tracy Pennock
A special thanx to these real life truckers for their testing and recommendations:
Nate Watkins
Kerwayne Smith
Flatbeddin Joe
Updated 8/14/20
Benson Flatbed –

Darren Hilton, Thomas Parham Jr, Tim Sanderson, Tracy Pennock, Nate Watkins, TexasWhirlwind, Kerwayne Smith, Flatbeddin Joe


One thought on “The Benson Flatbed Ownable 1.38

  1. danmiller04

    It looks nice, and use so good to my truck.
    Only problem to painted box; in middle is only black (looks like error, so bigger), not full red, if I use the painted box.
    Alu Box and Chrom Box are all fine.

    Otherwise was great. But did good work.

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