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The time more slow (1:1 or 1:19)

Date 2016-02-27 06:15


This mod, change the time of ATS to scale 1:1 or 1:19 (two options) so that time passes slower.

Does not change the map scale nor expand the map, only modifies the time in the game.

Inside the file Winrar come two mods, one for the scale 1:1 and the other for 1:19 scale. You only need to activate a mod, the two mods at the same time not.

Enjoy !!!

ATS Factory


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17 Responses to The time more slow (1:1 or 1:19)

  1. Dave Snow

    Why is the file so big? almost 50 mb!?!?!?

  2. osman

    Don’t download. This is fake.

    Also you can do that with a simple console command. There is no need for a mod.
    49 mb for a def edit? It’s fake guys, be smart.

  3. Well, unfortunately the console command slows everything down, including yourself. But you can indeed edit a single line in an sii file and do this. Not sure why this download is 50 MB. I’m going to be nice and give the benefit of the doubt that the uploader accidentally uploaded the wrong file or something, but not downloading a 50MB file that does what any of us can do in a less than 100kb text file. The text file doesn’t slow down AI or the player..

  4. Trucker_Jon

    Where would I find the mentioned sii file?

  5. I tried the mod 1:1 really works …thank you

  6. Good news guys, the mod literally works, not sure why the filesize but still

  7. Here is why this mod has so big size. I look in the scs file and there is no def file. There is map file change all map sector files, so this is weird. I think he did it with different way.

  8. Sid Snot

    It’s only 50mb, I have trailer packs of 895mb, so what, as long as this mod works then that’s all that matters, it isn’t a fake at all, just different to how others would do it.

  9. murat


    Please 1:6 upload

  10. Rick Song

    Thanks man, i worked fine for me, great job ;)

  11. The mod works very well, but I’ve noticed one thing. The distance traveled is dependent on the time. The slower your time, the smaller the distance you travel despite having gone across all of California and parts of Nevada. This can be an issue as gaining experience will be significantly lowered by this mod.

    Otherwise, this mod is fantastic. :)

  12. Ballantine

    Mod does what it says, but also lowers pay and experience from jobs, $5,000 jobs lower to about $680 or $550 ish, if it weren’t for that, I’d keep it on all the time.

  13. DC-David

    Works great here as well, thanks!

  14. Bob Bob

    You can’t not activate one or the other individually. They appear as 1:1/1:19 Not 1:1 and 1:19.

  15. Michael

    Hi, the mod works with patch no longer correct, one float in the sky. Greeting Michael

  16. Jay

    Please UPDATE!!

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