New Cities in California


This mod tested on version 1.1.1s

Mod after activation adds a new city to the state of California:
– Beatty
– Madeira
– San Jose
– Red Buff
– Temecula
– Victorville

This is my first mod.
Adding other forums only with my permission.
The prohibition of changing the link to download.

Authors: Maker: Kurkus, Tester: Telo97


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20 thoughts on “New Cities in California

  1. link for download not working

    1. Works for me, check again.

  2. working fine for me.
    new cities all there

    thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks
    Please added more cities

    1. Also plans to add the city to a state of nevada

  4. Can you add Yucca Valley to this please. Thats my home town.

  5. please add Anaheim. do these all new cities include buyable home garage?

  6. Do you think you could do Fremont?

  7. Trucker_bob

    Thanks mate!

  8. Trucker_bob

    this is not actually a village or cities, its just a compagny… but ey thanks, and now the villages and cities.

  9. Amazing! Now could you add a couple more major cities like Weed, Monterrey, or Chico?

  10. How about making operating city pickup and deliver locations, none are having any cargo to pickup or deliver. That is the purpose of the game.

  11. Dave Snow

    Yes, Anaheim! My sister lives there. Thanks for this map add-on. It is great!

  12. Adding Irwindale would be awesome as well. :-) lots of quarries here!

  13. I’m surprised that no-one came up with PalmSprings to Coachella yet…

  14. I think in Neveda there is not much cities like in California.
    Becouse it’s desert.

  15. Not compatible with offroad map by 246 studio…… :/

  16. Anita Fagina

    Can you also add Vallejo, Santa Maria and Tulare?

  17. doent work on 1.2.02 beta. please update

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