5 thoughts on “Tank Trailer

  1. GameplayHD2015

    they appear in job menu as Yat and weight 1 Ton

  2. cookie4wookiee

    truck does not fit in trailer,am unable to collect job

  3. Doesn’t work, trailer spawns way to low, even if I could drop the air bags it still wouldn’t be low enough to get under this #### thing, please fix!

  4. steamin_demon


  5. steamin_demon

    something went wrong with my previous post sorry
    I was driving a Vovo670 and every time I tried to back under the trailer
    my truck would hit the nose of the trailer. I even went and bought a daycab
    Peterbuilt to see if the ride-height was lower. still unable to back under the
    nose of the trailer. so I had to take a 10,000 penalty because I couldn’t
    get the trailer to hook. at least my AI drivers show pulling these trailers
    so I’m making good money with this mod. but I would like to pull this
    trailer myself (add some kind of landing gear,,or a hydraulic nose to the trailer)—please fix

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