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12 thoughts on “Marshall Amplification Trailer

  1. Thank you its nicer than the ETS2 version.

  2. You’re welcome mate … although I prefer my ETS2 type … more fun with a single amplifier for the entire chassis trailer, however, I’m glad you like this one. :)
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. that’s amazing, thanks [:

    1. Thanks ! … I appreciate a lot your comment … even if “amazing” is a big word … :)

      1. Compared to the rest of the ATS content – the skin is great, the trailer is a proper US model and the whole layout simply looks real, not just a random image slapped to a trailer. IMHO “Amazing” does it justice (:

  4. Good job! I will like

    1. Thanks mate ! … Glad you like it.

  5. Thank you buddy! Can you make Leslie Speakers standalone trailer pls?

    1. So …. there are many connoisseurs here … :)
      Soon … stay tuned mate ! :)

      1. :) Tank you bro! Just i use that sound every day. Two things i love more than anything – Hammond Organ+Leslie Speaker sound and Big Rigs ! Cheers ! :)

  6. Amazing trailers, man! Top quality, no bugs, and they look fantastic! will download them all.

    1. Stop it! with your comment and I blush and when I blush I can no longer concentrate on the designs of trailers … :) … just kidding … Thanks a lot man !

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