Super Cheat by goose

You will have 250,000,000 + FAST Level + NO Damage + NO Police
Only works with new profiles

Game Versions: 1.5.x, 1.6.x

This is the original link, thanks for your preference!



6 thoughts on “Super Cheat by goose

  1. cheats are for losers man screw this ####

  2. I created a new profile and this mod don’t work anyway.
    Plus I put it at the very top of mod manager.

  3. Otto Ruge

    hahahaha because he deserves it !!! best comment ever

  4. Jesse "Mister I Don't Give a F*ck About You"

    No, more like using it to review mods and test mods out bud. Not all of us are kids who want to play Need for Speed, instead of being a total #### and ###### you ignore this and move on.

  5. Sometimes cheats like this is good for testing purposes. I always have a test profile for updates, While i haven’t used a cheat like this, I have thought about it,
    But I do have to agree also that it defeats the whole purpose of the game to use in during game play.

  6. Look at reality in the face! Why not cheat when there is only one a two mods a day on ATS and six pages on ETS !! SCS has released its convoy dlc on which game?

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