Trucks Physics V1.8 for ATS 1.6.x+

READ THIS: In this video, if you see the truck jumping over the place, is because I activate the Suspension on the Viper Peterbilt 389 Chassis folder.

If you want to do something like that to you, give me the Truck link that you use the most and tell me what type of suspension you want, and I will do it.

***Can take I while.***

Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension.

#For the transmission:

– The only thing is change is the clutch friction are decrease (was 065.0 now at 5.0) For Manual H shifter only.

– I also changed something about the torque that when you decrease the value, the torque of your truck will changed.
– For exemple, if you have 2500lb of torque, changing this value qill not be the same, So what I did is put it back to 1.0.
– so you have the 100% of the torque number and change it for the Scaling of the Flywheel.
– The more heavier the flywheel is the more the RPM will drop slower.
– Like a stock flywheel than a Aftermarket lightweight flywheel. (Car related)

– For the Sequential and Automatics mode is still in Work in Progress.
– Value are not stock, So you might seen some change.
– Trying to make the transmission change smoother

#For suspension:

– Now the trailer and truck can roll and pitch seperatly at 30 degress at both direction.
– What it mean is if the truck roll on a bump. The truck will roll itself only and not the trailer and the truck.
– The trailer will stay at his normal position (can pitch or roll so take care)

– The suspension are little bit softer than stock physics.
– That mean that the truck will rebounce when going on a bump (No to much much than last time)
– That give it a little bit of realistics.

– Now you see the truck shake in the cabin when you go over a bump or something else

#Other Physics

– I also change the Mass of the truck and wheels.
– The Truck Mass was 2300 now is 1800
– The wheel mass of the truck wass 200 now at 300.
– Now the tire can slip. That mean the truck can understeer or oversteer.

– Still in WIP !

The goal is that I want to make the “worst” physics to a “real feel” physics, I never drive a real truck in real life, but I can make it from Youtube Video.

Recommended to use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but you can use this mod with other controlers !

I can update the mod for you if you want !

Any bug or question ? Just tell me on Facebook:



One thought on “Trucks Physics V1.8 for ATS 1.6.x+

  1. Anthony Mendis

    Does this mod support real automatic transmission? Or is it just h shift for now?

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