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Start Money & Xp Park 70.000.000 by ElecTr0 Modding

Date 2016-03-13 09:19


Hello! This is a way for money to start and trailer parking experience

Author: ElecTr0 Modding


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7 Responses to Start Money & Xp Park 70.000.000 by ElecTr0 Modding

  1. michael

    this mod is for lazy people guys…take out a loan and have real fun…if you use this you have accomplish nothing

    • Markus

      People decide what to do themselfs :)
      If you dont want to download this then its fine, but if someone wants to download it thats also fine :)

    • truckeruk

      you have commented on every xp and money mod out there shut up and let people decided how to play the game.

    • IloinenUkkeli

      It is good for people that are testing mods….

  2. dhigh 7

    how does this work

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