Physic Mod v2


American Truck Simulator

Physic Mod v2 — v:

– Wheel Physic
– Cabin Physic
– Trailer Physic
– Chassis Physic


– Tekerlek Fiziği
– Kabin Fiziği
– Dorse Fiziği
– Şasi Fiziği



11 thoughts on “Physic Mod v2

  1. xeno-mick

    Smhkzl does this work with custom mods like volvo 670 and freightline argrosa.. I have yet only tested v.1 on original scs trucks ,Thank you for creating this mod.

  2. CajunMan0001

    I tried this and while sitting in the truck not moving, the entire scenery viewed from within the truck is bouncing.

    Makes it look like the driver had several Budweisers before getting behind the wheel. :)

    The version 5 of Ultra real physics didn’t do this. Is this supposed to be run with v5? Cause I took v5 out and put this in, but if both are needed I’ll try it. but by itself makes the game unplayable.

    1. I did the same thing and was wondering the same thing. Let us know if we need both, I had to put V5 back in since it was bouncing. Im using Vipers 389 Pete

      1. Bjorn Kollerud

        I had the same when I tried to combine this Physic Mod v2 with “ATS_Active_Suspensions.scs”. Removing the Suspension mod solved the problem. May be other Physics mod’s will give the same result. Try with only one single mod that is interfering with the Physics.

  3. Thx for this new mod. First impression is good :)

    1. Bjorn Kollerud

      I have used the mod for some hours now, and I still think it is a good mod . Going to keep it in my game


    It’s fantastic! A big thanks from Germany (Cologne). :-)

  5. …here a video from his previous mod V1 only edited/change some settings – removed a bouncing/swinging a cabin/trailer from left to right …good job SmhKzl…

  6. Not working for me the whole cabin won’t stop

  7. i have problems with this Mod in my truck Freightliner FLB …shake like a Mexican Chihuahua

  8. Code3response

    This is what happens when you listen to a few crybaby morons in the comment section. This is NO different than vanilla…that ###### brick suspension that does not move only the camera is twitching. Your first physics mod was awesome I went back to it. I don not like driving a block with no suspension. Please do not listen to the few ###### in the comments a go back to the other mod and make improvements on that if you like. Thanks.

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