Speed Limit Fixes


This map mod is a temporary fix for the ‘random’ speed limit changes (I don’t know if I have found all of them).
I have also done a “sort of” fix to the stop light issue on Highway 80 at Reno. I haven’t changed the prefab I just removed the lights and changed the speed limits. Traffic may still stop to make a turn.
I have also fixed the traffic problem on the Winnemucca bridge and I have added several stop lights in some towns so you are not stuck in traffic forever.
Speed Limit for Coast to Coast Map

Author: Mantrid


12 thoughts on “Speed Limit Fixes

  1. Trucker_bob

    thanks for this mod

  2. How about help with coast to coast? This is the 7th time I’ve asked for assistance.

    1. Bob this is the best place to get help with coast to coast map, http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=202317. Throw your question out there and someone of us will try to help you.

  3. Nice work, Mantrid. Is that Speed limit sign in the screenshot photo-shopped in there or is it really sitting in the middle of the lane like that? Either way, nice to see someone working on speed limit corrections for the default map.

  4. Trucker_bob

    It made my life easy as i was to thick at the default game thanks. A few issues around some part’s

  5. Trucker_bob

    it really make my life easier as i found the default game to hard as i am kind of slow at things thank you for a good mod

  6. BassieenAdriaan

    Good MOD! LOVE IT!

  7. rkfcc

  8. grizzlybearsims

    Support is best asked for and received in the SCS Forums where Mantrid is active.


  9. I hope you’ll adjust the speed limit on places with 30 to something more reasonable like 45

    1. Trucker_bob

      I wish they would make it easier to like speeds of 190 every where i do like baby mode why i tend to play online but i want baby mode on single player to make game playable

  10. Backtrap7

    Love the mod, thanks!

    Couple things I wish I could change is the interior sounds. It is still a little to loud in the cabin at speed…imo.

    When I pull up to a sleep area, I hear a constant tone that is kinda annoying. Like if I am sitting in my garage, it just constantly goes off until I pull out.

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