DCS Mods Increased Cargo Weights

Date 2016-03-04 15:26


An increase to the vanilla cargo weights to increase difficulty in driving.

Author: DarkCyde

DOWNLOAD 431 KB [Drive.google]
DOWNLOAD 431 KB [Sharemods]

2 Responses to DCS Mods Increased Cargo Weights

  1. Trucker_bob

    why is this in the game what rubbish

  2. Bobs An Ass 123

    Instead of being an ass and calling this trash, Do you mind making this mod more realistic by changing the average weight of the trailers from 60 – 80k pounds, legal max for a truck and trailer in the states is 80k lbs, so having 60-70k trailers would be a nice touch to the 20k lbs trailers currently in the game. It’ll also make those 600HP+ motors useful for something other than going 100mph.

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