Sounds for ATS Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v2.6.3

includes personalized sounds for ATS Ai Trucks pack by Jazzycat, place my mod above the main pack which you can find it here:

other changes:
– some trucks have been allowed parked
– some trucks received adjustments on max_speed and engine power
– some BDF trucks have been moved to city truck type
– added some trucks as standalone trucks for double trailers
– bonus! this mod includes also sounds for:
Classic Truck Traffic Pack by Trafficmaniac v 1.4.1
Tuned Truck Traffic Pack by Trafficmaniac v 1.4.1
GTM’s Kenworth T800 and Dmitry’s also Kenworth T800
(no dependency on these mods if you don’t use them)

This is an addon for Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds (sharing the same sound banks, load order is not important). you can find it here:
please read the whole description for best game experience

On my thread on SCS forum you can get more info about upcoming updates for Ai SCS vehicles and other packs, also vote your favorite traffic packs

please respect my work and share only by keeping the author in credits and the original link. do not download my mods from thieves!

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my PayPal account:

Cip, Jazzycat, TrafficManiac, FMOD


6 thoughts on “Sounds for ATS Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v2.6.3

  1. Hello, the game crashes because of the volvo vnl 780

  2. thank you, I will correct this in a few minutes, please follow scs forum to get the update quickly
    sorry for the trouble

  3. Hey Cip, first I really enjoy your mods, keep up the good work mate.
    sadly I had to get rid of this mod cuz it crashes the game instantly. For your info I was also using your other AI sound mod (dunno if that helps). I’m sure you’ll fix it and I will further enjoy your superb mods, I know FMOD ain’t easy. Cheers!

  4. I did some reading on the SCS forum, I haven’t tested it yet since I’m not at home, but I guess you already fixed the issue with JC removing the VNL, so I suppose the mod works perfectly now like all your mods always do, thanks again for your great work.

  5. Justin Idea

    What traffic trailer pack are you using with the machinery loads if i may ask?

  6. says file not found on sharemods

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