“Sound Fixes Pack” + “Improved trains” compatibility ADD-ON

This addon connects the train sounds from the latest
Sound Fixes Pack: https://atsmods.lt/sound-fixes-pack-v21-69/
to the trains from the
Improved trains mod: https://atsmods.lt/improved-trains-v3-8-for-ats-1-41x-release/
read the discription in mod manager
both mods required

Drive Safely, POWE®FULL™

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10 thoughts on ““Sound Fixes Pack” + “Improved trains” compatibility ADD-ON

  1. Does Sound Fix Pack + Improved Trains go above your normal Sound Fix Pack mod?

    I am also confused as to why we need this when Improved Trains alone already improves the train sounds from default.

    Is Sound Fixes Pack + Improved Trains just considered an alternative to Improved Trains mod sounds?

    1. I find the sounds of my Improved Trains mod more realistic than what is in the Sound Fixes Pack, but I made this addon because users have many complaints about my sounds and the sounds of Drive Safely are praised by everyone, the addon is not an alternative to any other addon except the addon quiet sounds of trains. I want people to compare and choose which train sounds they like best. Another reason that prompted me to make an add-on was the incompatibility of SFP when installing with Improved trains due to the fact that the author used train definition files. users began to contact me with complaints about errors of which SFP is the culprit

    2. about correct load order read the discription in mod manager.
      yes, this addon is an alternative to the sounds of Improved trains,

  2. So if we are using Sound Fix Pack and your Improved Trains addon we need to use
    this Sound Fix Addon as well to not get errors? But by using this addon we get quiet
    train sounds and they are also different than what you use in Improved Trains?

    I’m fine with your Improved Trains sounds as well as them not being quiet. I would
    just like to also be able to use Sound Fix Pack for the other sounds it provides in the
    game. At the same time eliminating any cause for errors of course.

    my load order is looking like this…
    Sound Fix Addon
    Sound Fix Pack
    Real Traffic Addon For Improved Trains
    Real Traffic Density And Ratio
    Short Trains
    Improved Trains
    Is that proper looking to you?

    Thanks, POWERFULL.

    1. wrong load order
      (this addon optional)
      Real Traffic Addon For Improved Trains
      Real Traffic Density And Ratio
      Short Trains (optional)
      Improved Trains mod
      Sound Fixes Pack

      read the discription of addon in mod manager.
      this addon do not fix errors, for fix errors just need to use correct load order.
      improved trains must be higher than SFP

    2. you can use SFP without replacing the train sounds, without this addon, if you put it below than my mod

  3. Understood, thank you for taking time to explain.

  4. Just a follow-up. Everything is cool, no errors or anything. I tried Sound Fixes trains sounds and yours. I have to agree that I like yours a lot more as well. More dynamic, more variety. It’s like a #### dinosaur is screaming past you, it’s great! Having the options of Cip Traffic Addon, No Loud Sounds, Shorter Trains, Longer Trains, etc. is amazing work and consideration on your part. I would say at this point you need an “Improved Trains Mod” website for all this great stuff.

    1. Steven, thanks for the recognition, unfortunately the audience of my subscribers dropped to 1200 people who downloaded versions for 1.40 and for 1.41 from 25000 downloads when my mod was new and popular. it would not be cost-effective for me to maintain my own site, but I try to regularly read reviews and provide the necessary support on popular sites where I post my work and downloading from which through my links brings me a little monetization, although such sites do not send me any comment notifications

  5. This addon fully compatible with 1.42

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