Slayer Rig

If you love Slayer, then you will love this paint mod! Drive this rig across the country and make sure you deliver Slayer’s gear on time to the show!

Inside the zip folder you will find:

1) Peterbuilt 579 Truck Skin

1) 53 ft Box Trailer
1) Front Box Wall
1) Front Box Wall with Deflector
1) Simple Rear Door

Squatch Vader


4 thoughts on “Slayer Rig

  1. How to install? scs file in mod folder, and then where for the other folders?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Unzip the folder. You will see the .scs file for the Slayer Peterbuilt 579 skin. Put the .scs file into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.

    For the trailer, you will see a folder called ‘SLAYER TRAILER’. Put the entire folder into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.

  3. @SQUATCHVADER Oh, Thanks. That was easy!

    1. You are quite welcome Steve! I will have more truck and trailer skins soon. Let me know if there is anything you would like to have. Have a great day!

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