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6 thoughts on “Lowboy Yellow & Red Onwable [MP-SP]

  1. is this tested in MP and also approved by TruckersMP ? because when it is not appoved you can be kicked when you use it in MP

    1. Yes, it was approved by truckersmp a while ago.
      The previous mod may not be available in the mp yet, but it is because of a small problem with the updates. Coming soon when it is updated, it will work perfectly.

  2. I only want to use this in single player. Works fine? the game is soooo lacking on ownable lowbeds and flatbeds that right now i will get anything i can. Im desperated lol.

    1. Yes, in fact its activation is in the single player. Then the player decides whether to use it online or not.

  3. Nm, i answr myself. This doesnt work not even in single player. As simple as that. Avoid downloading. Another dumb person uploading useless garbage. Curious thing is, its the same guy over and over again uploading these same mods over and over again, please stop it already.

    1. Look, it is possible that the mod does not work because you have not extracted the .zip.

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