Skoda Superb v 1.6

Skoda-Superb-1 Skoda-Superb-3 Skoda-Superb-2

* Added real logos

* Tachometer now correctly shows the idle and maximum engine speed, and the engine can spin up to 7 thousand. / Min (written not only in animation, but also in motor parameters)

* Correctly set the parameters of the engine, chassis and PPC (acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds, top speed 240 km / h)

* The default is an exclusive interior, a standard salon cut (European interior does not look in America)

* Adjusted view from the cockpit and landing adjustment

* After upgrading the sound is no longer flies (but really have nothing to upgrade the machine, everything is in default in the sale)

* Returned base color for painting the body

* The sound of the engine is now merged with the sound of the turbine, and the volume is set taking into account the cabin soundproofing

* Replaced drives (now with the active mode disappear only standard tires of trucks)

* Newly registered basic physics parameters affecting the controllability and stability of the car on the road

* Rewrote the date of sounds (now superfluous sounds that can not be heard moving in the car, locked)

Because of the differences, the old version is not compatible with the new modification, after the upgrade file will depart the game, so before downloading you must first diaktivirovat modification, download the game and activate again after modification. (Of course, after this machine is purchased anew, but this time it will be updated)

Authors: Truckers-MP, ATSturbo

DOWNLOAD 9 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 9 MB [Uploadfiles]

4 thoughts on “Skoda Superb v 1.6

  1. TowerControl

    Is it possible for you to change the guages to miles per hour?

  2. The car will not steer, the wheel just locks back into straight position when you drive.

  3. hi I just downloaded this mod I am very proud to have this mod but this car’s rear wheels lost can you fix this mod. thank you so much i love this mod

  4. Looks nice, but the steering doesn’t work. Very slow to turn, even with the steering sensitivity turned all the way up, and once you start to move forward, it straightens itself out and won’t turn at all. This is using the keyboard.

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