Skin Greyhound Bus


Skin Greyhound bus for American Truck Simulator. Modification repaint the original game in the bus color really existing transport company Greyhound Lines, Inc.
The modification was tested in the version of the game



6 thoughts on “Skin Greyhound Bus

  1. Haha was wondering when someone would do this. Thank you!!

  2. good mod and brings realism to the game well done modder!

  3. You think you can get one made of a Todays Greyhound as the other one is a 50 year old vintage Greyhound. Other than that you did nice job on the vintage Greyhound…

    [DTL] DelMarValaus

  4. i want to drive this bus , i would love that

    can anyone make that possible
    with the real interior?

  5. twilightman67

    where can i get the bus at?

  6. now if somebody could mod driveable american coaches such as GM, MCI, Eagle etc that would be a dream come true!!!
    would like to see a Trailways skin as I used to be a station agent for Continental Trailways back in the day. : )

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