SCS W900 Dump Truck


I originally made this for viper’s “389”, decided to clean it up for the scs w900. Dump truck with matching pony pup trailer.
This is a ‘niche’ mod, only uses the pup trailer.
This specific combination originates from southern/central Ontario Canada.
GVWR is 120000-135000lbs, 500+ 18 speed combination is a must.
Straight truck is always loaded, compatible with w900 accessory mods,
and sound packs.
Recommend using w900 mod by itself to avoid conflicts with other w900 mods.
Advanced coupling.

Enjoy (WIP)


Base truck

Mod/dump box/pony pup trailer

-Yankee Trucker


20 thoughts on “SCS W900 Dump Truck

  1. Xx_CaMOMnLy_xX

    Thank you, alot of hours, and hair pulling to figure scs blender out haha. Enjoy the truck, let me know of any issues.


    1. Hey you did an amazing job on the W900 dump. Also to let you know the link is not working and was wondering if you got another link I can use thanks.

  2. renenate12

    crashes please fix

    1. Xx_CaMOnLy_xX

      Using on a vanilla game? Could be a mod conflict with another trailer/or truck. I recommend starting off with this mod alone.

  3. can+you+do+the+same+with+gt-mike+t800???

  4. can you do the same with the gt-mike t800?

  5. Can you please make it a .rar or .scs file please?

  6. renenate12

    i dont have any mods , and what do u mean vanilla? sorry

    1. Vanilla game means a game with no mods.

  7. Cant+get+the+trailer+to+spwan

  8. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  9. Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/kenworth_w900/truck.pmd
    00:05:47.121 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mudflaps/kenworth_w900/mudflaps01s.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:05:47.189 : f:\build_bot\ssd_win_slave\final_build_ats_14_windows_bin_steam_x64\build\prism\src\p3core\collections/arrays/arrays_base_impl.h(491): ??A?$array_t@M@prism@@QEAAAEAM_K@Z: Index outside array boundaries.
    this iswhat i get … cant get truck to work , please help

  10. Very slow download site, very slow!!

  11. 1.5 for ATS, this mod is crash game. I`m turn off all mods, but this not work :(

  12. Is this mod comparable with 1.6.x and up?

  13. can+u+download+this+on+the+mac?

  14. dude really need to fix link and upload file again why because it says could not load file

    1. Brandon Lamer

      im having the same issue..

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