Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive V3.5 by Bu5ted


Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted
Version # 3.5 for ATS

Some fenders are incomplete and need vertice shading, so pick to your discretion.

Some Custom Grills have a model engine and rad, engine is not textured only colored for modeling,
I will be fixing this and adding fan and pulley animations.

There ARE still bugs with truck please post what you find.

All Version 3.0 Options Plus++

Added Led Headlight Bezels (work in progress)
Added Paint Fuel Tanks
Added Walking Deck As Add-On
Added 4 New Mirrors w/Lollipop Lights (input credit: wiseguy)
Added Turn Signals To Bumper Whips (input credit: xSadr)
Added Custom Grills
Engine and Radiator Model Added To Some Grills
Added Custom Hood Ornaments
Added New Hood/Bug Deflector
Added 4 Antennas As Add-On

Fixed Exhaust Position
Fixed Beacons
Fixed Cablights
Fixed Horns
Fixed Missing Textures
Fixed Paint Skins
Fixed Metallic Colors
Fixed Fenders (still incomplete)
Fixed Interior Chrome Reflection
Fixed Interior Door Handle Paint
Fixed Missing Polygons On Some Models
Fixed Truck Shadows (still incomplete)
Fixed Parts Not Showing In Interior
Fixed AirCleaner Lights
Fixed Some Lights
More Bug fixes
Plus Alot More

Log file is clean and free of errors!

As always this truck is a work in progress, there are some bugs! Please
report bugs so i can fix them for next version.
Any Suggestions can be sent as well.

SCS Software
Sorry to others i missed

Bu5ted & …..SCS Software,Alcoa,Viper2,Pendragon,aradeth


35 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive V3.5 by Bu5ted

  1. Hi Bu5ted! I’m glad you corrected the error. Thank you for all that you are doing! Great mod!

    1. Thanks a lot for the praise and feedback as always, there are bugs still tho just be warned.

      1. Yes, there are small bugs. On 6×4 Long frame on the right side with the textures of the problem. In general, I did not notice the other bugs. There are small wishes. 1) You know, SCS added customization location of lights and horns on the roof. You can bring back that option in your mod? 2) You can make the bumper without division into 2 parts that were smooth and continuous? 3) You can make a version of the fuel tanks, the lower sticks without? Thanks!

        1. I will get to fixing those problems, the lights and horns are there just misplaced. To your other questions… 1.( yes) 2.( will take some time but yes). 3.(sure can and will do, when I release new update hopefully today)
          Thanks again

          1. Just curious, when you say bumpers one smooth section do you mean the bumpers with the drop skirt for lights, just smooth it out to be one piece? If so i can do that for next update.

          2. That’s about a bumper I said. Front perfectly smooth and rounded side. This bumper is in the steam workshop (Kenworth W900 Accessories Pask), but the author (pete379jp) it does not update. Can you do the same bumper but with slots for lamps?
            Even noticed the shadow of the horns.

  2. Torque Transport

    Your modifications to this truck are everything I’ve been wanting since the W900 was added to this game! I’ve tested this new version and the only thing that is glitching is when using your blinkers or hazards while driving it causes the whole world to slow down while they are on and then when they’re off it all comes back to normal speed.

    1. I will have a look but of the top of my head sounds too me like your computer isn’t up to par for this truck, try removing some lights and Chrome and see if it helps…also metallic paint is heavy compared to regular.

      1. Hi Bu5ted

        I have to confirm Torque’s problem with blinkers. World is sluggish as long as the blinkers are on. As for being on-par with the truck, I have GTX 980 in SLI with 32gb of ram and 4790k I7, guess hardware is not the problem. Also, I’ve noticed that passenger’s mirrors have problems. If I don’t have the extra mirror (F2), main passenger mirror won’t work (still image) and also small right mirror only works when I’m off-centered from my desired position or the position I’ve set it at.
        Thanks for all the hard work, I’ve got a keeper!

  3. Vilemirth

    As TT stated, add-on turn signals cause issues with the game slowing down when the lights are on and back to normal when off, but the rest looks fantastic! This has really come a long way and it looks like you’ve corrected a slew of previous issues. Your effort is really appreciated!

  4. Ok guys, I’ve confirmed the problem with world slowing down, I will correct it and hopefully have it posted today….it will be same DL link.

    1. Plz let us know when corrected truck will be available.
      Thanks for your time!

  5. Glad I was able to make suggestions for you Bu5ted. I know we’ve both been really busy but if I can think of anything else to add, I definitely will let you know. Loving this truck and your edit with the 389. Please keep up the amazing work as always man.

    1. Ya bud, thanks for all your help, we will get this mess sorted out and start with some of your other add-ons, hopefully soon.
      All these other parts are making me forget about fixing fenders and stuff haha.
      I did send you an email earlier.

  6. *****UPDATED (sort of)******
    OK guys, i had to remove the led headlight bezels and try and sort the lag out. Theres 156 LED’s total in bezels so its over loading game. I do have dumbed down version but dont look as nice. For now the original dl link should get you the working version NO BEZELS.

    i Also noticed a little bit of lag with the lollipop lights as they are Led also but not unplayable.
    Let me know of anything else and i will let you know when i update once again.

  7. The lights from the lamps on the back wall be visible from all sides.
    “Tandem Fender Paint” is a bit darker than the body.

  8. Impressive

    You know what. Good job Bu5ted. Usually your mods just leave a sour taste in my mouth. But this version. Actually made it into the keep list. There’s a couple W9 mods out there but this one is just right for me. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on the awesome sounds. Those will be used privately on some of my other trucks.

    I love what you’ve done with the modelling of the engines. If this is the kind of work we can expect from you then keep it up because this is top notch. I decided on skipping the 389 mod due to your usual lack luster quality but because this one is so much improved I will be checking the Pete out as well. Again. May sound harsh but prior versions were awful. Thank you again for making such a great improvement to a promising idea!!

  9. Dragster94

    Bu5ted je tiens a vous remercier pour la mise a jour de votre mod , juste pour vous signaler que j’ais aussi le problème des clignotants et j’ais remarqué en vue extérieur un écart entre le tableau de bord et le pare-brise. Merci pour votre travail.

  10. Hi Bu5ted

    As mentioned by Dragster94, I have a picture of the dashboard separated from the windshield here:

    and also on another picture, handles to help the driver climb in his truck that seems to be floating in the air:

    Oh and if you want a suggestion, tinted windows would be nice :)

    Thanks alot!

  11. Tylizard666

    Great job on the mod Bu5ted! Love it! its my truck i use in game every time.
    One bug i noticed is that if you put reverse lights on the left rear of truck, they are pointed inwards of cab fairing, on RH they are properly outside of fairing. I also noticed that it is missing some lighting options for the backside of the cab that were present in your first version of the mod, which i have used since it came out. Would love to see these extra light options back. Also, that nice beacon that you had on the roof in 1st version, would love to see that back as it is not in the latest version.

    Suggestion: if you can, would love to see a winch tractor version of the headache rack! I work in the oilfield and would love to see the first winch tractor in ATS!

    Keep up the great work dude!

  12. See Bu5ted. Here are a few screenshots album tuning options, which would be nice to add. Tank panel and several fenders.

  13. Bu5ted. You will download your mod in the steam workshop?

  14. You can make optional details: side panels and handles?

  15. Hey Bu5ted, have a problem been trying to sort out, wondering if you or any one else has this, I get no steering wheel at all. when I go into the cab & click on the tab to select the steering wheel nothing shows up, but I can see the location trying to put something in the lower left corner of the truck. Any suggestions??? Other than that love the new addons you added, this is making this truck really awesome, just wish I could figure the steering wheel part out.

  16. Needs to be updated to 1.5. Everything is red.

  17. When i put your truck in my game it says on the frame and inside the cab no texter is found whats up with that

  18. Needs more automats since ATS update 1.5, can’t play until this mod is updated :(

  19. ***UPDATE**
    Hey Guys, I recently had a hard drive crash, I recovered most of my files and will be back at it very soon. For those of you wondering about the textures problem you can wait for an update as this is tested on 1.4.x …….OR….. if you have the base.scs extracted just copy the automat folder over into the mod and it will fix the textures temporarily for now, be aware there still may be issues on 1.5 until update.

  20. Tried installing this mod.. and it the only mod active.. but truck is all white and windows, lighes and more are just red missing texture.. and all inworld W900 are just bit red missing texture trucks? halp

  21. once this mod is installed, I have problems with a lot of the texture, all red. Advice?

  22. Hola.

    Decasualidad no tendras un mods como ese para la nueva verzion ya q ese no me funciona

  23. Hola

    De casualidad no tendras un mods como ese para la verzion 1.36 por que me gusta ese mods pero para mi verzion no me funciona ese me interese ese mods

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