Scot A2HD Detroit Diesel 6-71 sound & megapack


Hi all

Here’s a megapack sound mod for the Scot A2HD by Smarty.

What’s inside that mod?
– New Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine sounds (straight 6 engine).
-Cummins 275

if you choose any stock engines of the truck (Cummins NTC), you’ll get the SCS stock sounds.

In this video i use the new 6-71 engine.

Vidéo :

Truck by Smarty available here :
Big thanks to him, i love his truck.

instructions if you need to remove properly the mod :
Just go into a shop, and swap to any NTC Cummins engine.
Save, and after you can delete this sound mod properly.



21 thoughts on “Scot A2HD Detroit Diesel 6-71 sound & megapack

  1. I hate money cheaters

    1. Shut up michael freaking reject,the best thing of you ran down the backside of your momma legs so who cares what you think,the profile he is using is a mod test profile so go stand out in a road somewhere and let the car hit you, the world would be better off

      1. outlaw…you are a dumb ### moron…go #### your #####

    2. what exactly is a money cheater.

  2. thanks dude! great sound as always…

    1. dude there is an error… when i select an engine from the mod the engine itself disappear from the truck

      1. Hi, it works perfectly.

        I think the sound mod is under the truck mod in your list.
        Be sure to put the sound mod ABOVE the truck (higher priority). All will work fine then ;)

        1. yeah, i did it and works properly now. thanks!

  3. The constructive opinion.These are the sounds of a four-cylinder can also Zsiguli (open pipe)
    Eight-cylinder sound truck approached a tractor rather Hoffer rumble. Hold each gear to pull out is perfeck now. I want to feel the power. Maybe it will be good for a Ford Mustang. (Without exhaust system). It will be better than the original. Thak you before. (I apologize).

  4. I’m back in the gear jammin mood like I was with ETS2. Remember the early days with the first detroit diesels we proofed back then ! You have made an ugly duckling into a princess for ATS once again and I am hoping the truck skinners see this princess in hiding. The only thing I noticed was that the jake has no slowing power when you engage it, and maybe lower the sound in the cabin a small amount. On long drives the sound may give a headache or two. I rarely turn down the sound. You have done it again mr sound wizard of ATS and ETS2. Too bad my old base system burnt out and the new one is just not as a rumbler to what I like.

  5. Drive Safely

    My goodness, that is beautiful!

  6. sound really good…..nice job on this mod Sir keep up the good work

  7. With all respect,its good for American cars like shelby or dodge charger or camaro!!! Not really good for trucks!

    1. But it is only for trucks, not cars…

  8. Johnny Rotten

    This is fantastic
    sound for NASCAR but not a truck.

  9. Kriechbaum, please make some sounds for the ingame T680 and 579.

  10. Would love to hear the KTA 600 with a more realistic sound, maybe even a nice loping idle. The model is great, my only complaint is the Cummins engines don’t sound like their real life counterparts, aside from the 275 which is spot on. Thank you.

  11. Chris Airborne


  12. i have the file i downloaded it aand put it in the scs file but it doesnt show up on my mod manager ? what gives ? how is this mod supost to work with this truck then if not a scsfile ?

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