Scania T 2.0 from RJL, adapted for ATS.
Added own truck sounds and sounds at the gas station.
The alarm at the exit to the sidelines.
Peterbilt Dealer.

RJL, adapted in ATS SlavikSD


7 thoughts on “SCANIA T V.2.0 RJL for ATS

  1. Not sure if you know how to fix this, but whenever I go to customize this truck in any way at all, the game crashes, even if I buy the truck w/o doing anything to it, it still crashes….any way you could fix this? Thank you :)

    1. try the 1.8 it still works this one makes my ats crash even if i don’t have it in my garage

    2. I drive this truck in ATS three months. No problem.

  2. Admin, thanks for changing the link!

  3. Game crashes with this mod :(

    Spiel stürzt mit dieser Mod ab :(

  4. Alan Wunny

    Ok as far as I can tell this mod does crash if you have it enabled and try to drive any other trucks. If you buy and drive the truck it works fine.

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