FS19 mods

International Prostar Duty Day

Date 2017-01-25 10:49

– Independent
– Showroom Kenworth
– 1 cabin
– Option 1 chassis
– Its interior
– Its sounds

Carlos Delgado


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6 Responses to International Prostar Duty Day

  1. Mike

    Please help when I go to download it works fine but when I try to figure out which file to put in ATS to make it a mod it doesn’t show up anything in the truck shop or anything

  2. Nicholas

    There is no SCS file.

  3. Martin

    No worries…not missing much…its awfull!!!

  4. Same story as the Columbia, one of the worst I’ve seen! AGAIN, incorrect interior (Stolen from other mod), errors galore, jagged model, need I go on….

  5. Gabriel Morales

    I have only the cabin, the chasis doesnt show up, only the cabin and weels, whats wrong? 1.3

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