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Savegame for ATS 1.3.x

Date 2016-07-12 15:32

Savegame-2 Savegame-1 Savegame-3

– No cheats
– Map discovered 84.23%
– Level 31
– Money 273.930$
– Distance traveled 175.104 km
– DLC steampunk paint jobs pack
– DLC wheel tuning pack

Author: MiguelAngel988


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2 Responses to Savegame for ATS 1.3.x

  1. michael

    this is for lazy guys man

    • FlipiHD

      hey ;)
      you dont know why guys download Profiles :)
      there want to play with the own truck not quik trucks ^^

      so please dont say its lazy ^^

      ” i Donwload it beacouse my old profil is for AT 1.5 but i play ATS 1.4 ”

      have a niche day ^^

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