Route Advisor Mod Collection V4.6


Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.6

New in v4.1
– Added Weigh Service

New in v4.2
– Fixed Right Top Weigh Service

New in v4.3
– Added Speed Limit Sign For ATS
– Modified Running Line Message Color Green

New in v4.4
vApplied ATS v1.1.1 Patch

New in v4.5
– Fixed ETS2 Error Message caused by ATS v1.1.1 Patch
– Deleted Unneed File (gps.sii)

New in v4.6
¤эFixed Deutsch Weigh Service Title



5 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection V4.6

  1. No File

  2. Thank you – works just fine.

  3. Always best, thank you Hemil

  4. Malikzadymiak

    I checked 4 of them and I always see “Weight control” on the middle. help?

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