7 thoughts on “Lower Police Fines

  1. Russian beast

    Oh, thank you very much, therealone! I have enough of this loony police harassment. It’s a very necessary mod.

    1. No problem . I got annoyed also . :) Enjoy the mod !

  2. Yooo thanks Mann it’s gonna help save a lot of money and it was way too annoying hahaha thanks!

    1. No problem , now you can break the rules and pay less for it .

      haha just joking .

      Drive safe.

  3. What are the fines for speeding, red light, and when a cop catches you doing those 2 after the mod is installed?

    1. Speeding ticked it 200$ and when a cop sees you its 1000$.

      1. How do you do the police fines i like this where i am in canada how can you help me

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