Roadhunter 57 Overweight Trailers Pack v 2.0


American Truck Simulator 1.2.x.x

Roadhunter Heavy Transport Pack
57 Standalone Trailer in one Pack Version 2.0

– delete some error warnings and fixed

Credits in readme57 folder

Only Low-Loader ( Doll and Faymonville), Long (Broshuis) and Semi-Trailer ( Fliegl, Krone Jumbo )

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Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Authors: Roadhunter and many more


9 thoughts on “Roadhunter 57 Overweight Trailers Pack v 2.0

  1. FINALLY thank you so much been waiting for this downloading now cant wait to use it!!

  2. 25 Tons Old Generator 1080p 60 Fps Video:

  3. Torpedo57

    We are in American Truck, why did you use European trailler?
    This mod is awesone on Euro truck but in Ats, it’s not real so, thx but i can’t use it.

  4. george michalis

    what graphics card prosaic friend;

  5. Some of the cargo makes the game crash!

  6. There’s don’t fit on scales…………smdh

  7. The wind turbine propeller causes my game to crash when I go to accept the job.

  8. Hello,+I+am+writing+to+let+you+know+that+I+installed+this+mod+and+I+like+so+much+but+that+some+loads+like+Caterpillar+257+M+Caterpillar+257+M+big,+the+Liebherr+LTM+1030+Bracht+when+you+get+to+a+tunnel+or+about+to+go+under+a+bridge+does+not+pass+and+the+truck+and+trailer+stuck+without+power+seguir.No+stays+if+anyone+else+commented+esto.Yo+you+I+have+the+version+of+ATS.Hay+,+or+is+not+worth+this+Mod+for+ATS+version+I+have?+.Many+thanks+for+reading+my+problem+and+try+ayudarme.Un+greeting.

  9. I+downloaded+and+enabled+this+mod+but+when+i+proceed+into+the+game+it+crashes

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