ATS Trailers Pack v 1.1

Trailers-Pack-3 Trailers-Pack-2 Trailers-Pack-1

Pack Trailers ATS v1.1 Standalone
Version ATS 1.2.x

Changes in v1.1
– Cargo Big Bag
– Cargo Cables
– Trailer Flatbed Manac 2 Axles
– Cargo Straw Bale
– Trailer Box Long 3 Axles
– Trailer Box Short 2 Axles
– Trailer Flatbed 3 Axles
– Cargo Round Bale Grass
– Reduces Particles Wheel For All Trailers

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Don’t upload the mod in the other link.

Authors: MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Hardtruckisthebest aka Ivan, Corby, Wendy, Peterbilt3597, Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris), Hammer, BULLDOG


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5 thoughts on “ATS Trailers Pack v 1.1

  1. Do I replace the old version with this on or do I keep both?

    1. MiguelAngel988


  2. Replace

  3. why this pack contain default “darzelle uzau” box trailer?

    1. MiguelAngel988

      the pack is standalone

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