Reworked Sounds – Trucks & More

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First, I want to say to everyone, WELCOME TO USA!
I did this mod today and I want to share with you my hard work, it change the sounds of blinkers, wipers, horn, and it takes a longer start sound than default (watch the video). Please do not reupload and have fun! :)

Author: KiLLer Modding


2 thoughts on “Reworked Sounds – Trucks & More

  1. Trucker_bob

    thats it? no included engine sound mods?

  2. Killer I am disappointed in this mod from you. ALL you did was change the original ATS start up sound and replaced it with the volvo FH startup from ETS2 when it has no fuel. want to know how I know?! I did the same thing with the MAN TGX on ETS2 to make the TGX sound more realistic.

    a poor effort from a great modder, I hope you improve it MORE than this. when you do, I’ll happily use your mod.

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