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odd_fellow’s Stock Sound Mod

Date 2016-02-04 14:39


This mod changes stock truck sound to a decent mix between modern Paccar and Cummins engines. As of now, the game does not support different sound sets for each default engine, so this is the only way to enhance sound part.

Install, enjoy.

Tested on version 1.0.

Please do not reupload, respect my download link.

Authors: SCS Software, odd_fellow


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6 Responses to odd_fellow’s Stock Sound Mod

  1. piva

    Хороший звук. Возьму.

  2. Esko


  3. zhuk

    спасибо, только не пойму в чем сложность сделать нормальную прописку, без замены стоковых звуков.
    опять пак собирать =)

  4. Tony

    awesome great job!

  5. Joe

    Beautiful sound.
    Thank you.

  6. Darren

    great job :) love the sound, could you possible change the indicator sound though :/ i hate the fact SCS even used the old ‘cheaply’ made stock volvo indicator sound

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