ReShade MasterEffect Preset – Realistic Lighting/Colors v 2.0

ReShade-MasterEffect-2 ReShade-MasterEffect-1 ReShade-MasterEffect-3

This is a ReShade MasterEffect Reborn preset made for ATS, it makes the lighting and the colors as realistic as possible

(not to confuse beautiful with realistic).

It is recommended to turn off the in-game anti-aliasing.

v2.0 Changes :

Blur —- Removed
Grains —— Removed
SMAA Anti-Aliasing —— Improved
+ Added beautiful realistic Lenzflare.

– Install :
Extract the 4 files inside “American Truck Simulatorbinwin_x64” folder.

– Uninstall :
Remove the 4 files from “American Truck Simulatorbinwin_x64” folder.

I’m Open for suggestions, have fun !

Author: TheBen


23 thoughts on “ReShade MasterEffect Preset – Realistic Lighting/Colors v 2.0

  1. MetalDragon

    Is it the Scroll Lock key to turn on/off and/or for presets if it has any. Hitting Scroll lock in game does seem to change it but can you confirm there are a few presets as have to hit a few time to switch from realistic to cartoony ;)

    1. To turn on/off the preset, use the scroll key, but it can be changed by editing the first line #define MASTEREFFECT_TOGGLEKEY.

      And there is a slight issue with ATS, sometimes you need to hit the button many times.

      1. MetalDragon

        Yeps had to hit it like 20 times before it switches sometimes only had that problem with this ReShader, also it do get very dark at night so those that play MP take care ;)

  2. in the video you have some environment installed which makes the whole demonstration null, secondly, this does not look realistic or beautiful…

    1. It doesn’t make anything null, and it does look way better than the default.

  3. Jhonny BJ

    ola amigo estou com alguns mds muito legais, a maioria peguei deste site aqui mas mapas mod que funcionem com a moeda brasileira são somente
    3 que eu tenho
    Area 51
    USA Offroad Map v0 9 By 246 Studios

    Quando sairá a próxima verão mod mapa costa a costa com LOMBADAS nas cidades, caminhões quebrados no acostamento com triangulo e alerta, e prostitutas, e subidas igual a cerra litoral paulista sem atoleiro o mais real possível que funcione com mod moeda brasileira ?

  4. ola amigo, tenho alguns mod muito bom instalado no meu american truck, alguns foram baixados daqui deste site.
    mas somente 3 mod mapa funciona com moeda brasileira tais:
    *USA Offroad Map v0 9 By 246 Studios

    Quando sairá um mapa mod de lombadas de costa a costa com subidas de asfalto que funcione com o mod moeda brasileira ?

  5. sobre a forma que instala você poderia fazer um vídeo, não só eu mais sim outras pessoa se sentiriam mais seguros pois eu não quero perder meu jogo ou ele não abrir mais

  6. ken howard

    We had a color correction mod a few days after the game was released, which does the job perfectly, what does this do that the other one doesn’t?

    1. The color correction mod makes it beautiful, with this one I’m trying to make the lighting/colors as realistic as possible, not beautiful. Try it and see the difference.

  7. Please provide the directory path to the folder you want me to extract the files to…
    I don’t know where the ###### folder is mate…

  8. cschnipke279

    looks very realistic, however i noticed the anti aliasing doesnt seem to be as good as the games and adding the games on top of it doesnt seem to do much, other than that its really good and doesnt seem to drop frames much if any

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see what I can do about the issues you’ve mentioned.

  9. Trucker Steve

    Want to point out, that the default key (scroll lock) set by the game is: Autosave

    That could explain why it doesn’t always work

    1. I tried other keys, same thing happens.

  10. please explain how to extract in my folder?cannot find american trucksimulatorbinwinx64??Icant find it as well,lplease hel,p me ben….

    1. it is in “C:\Program Files\American Truck Simulator\bin\win_x64”

  11. I feel like I’m having a stroke using this…

    1. Maybe you are having a stroke, you should see a doctor asap

  12. It would be great to have a mod the possibility of putting the name of our company, as if it were the tuition that was put inside the cabin with our name

  13. holzfreak

    Hello TheBen. How I can install it for the Steam version at MAC-OSX? It is possible because …..⁄bin⁄win_x64 isn’t existing.

    1. Hi there, I’m sorry but ReShade works only under Windows.

  14. After clean install Windows 10, necessary to install following in order to run this mod (Also SweetFx is same)

    DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

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