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Real Tires Mod v 1.2

Date 2016-03-17 10:30

Real-Tires-3 Real-Tires-2 Real-Tires-1

Version 1.2:
* Update for patch 1.23
* Added Steam Workshop support

Authors: 50keda, Ventyres, galimim


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9 Responses to Real Tires Mod v 1.2

  1. Nuttywolf

    I go to put the Goodyear tires on the back of the SCS stock Pete and my game freezes.

  2. Me too like Nuttywolf have got a game freeze with the back tyres.

    I was already using your previous mod version 1.1 deactivated before using this but promptly reactivated after the freeze.

    Thank anyway … A great job, judging from what I’ve seen with the front tires.

  3. Froze my sim up too……..smdh

  4. Mondo.N

    The MOD is compatible with ATS v1.2. If you use in ATS v1.0 or V1.1, the game crashes. (Cause the content of .sii files)

  5. xeno-mick

    You made this for ATS beta 1.2 ? Most players don’t update to beta versions, if you could please do this for a previous stable version it would be great.

  6. Mondo.N

    I’m not a autor of this mod, but I made a patch of this mod. Please download from the following URL, and use in conjunction with the original mod.


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