Renault Range T Update ATS 1.31.x & 1.32.x

– Standalone –
– Buy in Peterbilt Dealer –
– 2 Types of Cabins –
– 4 Types of Salon (retained LHD and RHD cabin looks for ATS too) –
– Many Company and Custom Paints –
– Own Wheels –
– Own Sounds –
– Cable Support –

* Bug fixes *
* Added Both Metallic Painting DLC *
* Added Christmas and Raven DLC *
* Updated missing Icons *

[Tested on 1.31.x & 1.32.x Game Versions]

RTA Team, Mahad110, vasja555


7 thoughts on “Renault Range T Update ATS 1.31.x & 1.32.x

  1. Crashes when adding external mods in the workshop. Using 1.32 and no other mods

    1. Further to my last post it only seems to crash if I select the righthand drive version for the UK.

  2. who cares stop posting garbage #### that is ets2 … its AMERICAN SIMULATOR ….

    1. Yes its American Truck Simulator however there are also US truck mods for Euro Truck Simulator.

  3. USA no es America.

    Estupidos gringos de mierda que se sienten con el derecho de opinar. Los mods estan para el disfrute de cada quien, sean cual sean sus gustos. Al que no le guste, que no lo use y listo.

    1. You’re just as bad for being a racist. Yes there are dumb people in every race but there’s no need to let the actions of a few people account for a whole race.

  4. Please to the Renault Range T Update ATS Mod 1.35!

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