Freightliner Classic XL ATS 1.31.x & 1.32.x

* Adapted to 1.32.x Game Version *
* Updated Files *
* Removed Errors *
* Fixed crash when choosing a variant with a flat top cab *
* Added missing (SiSL) Internal Accessories for both Cabins *
* Added missing Sounds
* Recovered the SCI Steering Wheel Logo *



12 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL ATS 1.31.x & 1.32.x

  1. TruckerGaming YT

    Is there trailer cables yet?

  2. TruckerGaming YT

    Is the truck set up with trailer cables yet?

  3. Not yet

  4. Shows 1.31/1.32 Does it work on 1.31?

  5. WiredrawnMurder

    Download page is so full of ads I don’t even know what to click on to download the file, every “download” button comes up as an ad. Would be nice if this was uploaded to another site.

    1. WiredrawnMurder

      Yeah, the actual download button has so many ad popups for it, it’s pretty much ad bait, had to click on it and close the redirect 6 times to get it to work. Again, would be nice if this was hosted on another site.

  6. hammer lane mane

    i did research on the ad bait problem and found that if you would just use google chrome and add an ad block extention you will not have this problem. my only problem is that when downloaded it comes up as other instead of a truck. so its not usable on my end. not sure why it comes up as other instead of the truck.

  7. El freno de motor no suena con la camara 2 osea afuera de la cabina

  8. Guillaume

    did someone know the password for the zip file? i need it to lower the HP of the CAT 2000HP… plz

  9. where I have go to buy it ?

  10. Jarel Jones


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