Reefer / refrigerated trailer sound addon for ATS 1.41 [SCS trailers only]

New in this version: Only update was for the mod description to reflect the new change in Sound Fixes Pack v21.57, previous 1.41 reefer trailer sound addons may be forwards compatible.

This mod activates reefer trailer sounds from the Sound Fixes Pack for the vanilla game trailers in American Truck Simulator.

NOTE that trailer sounds like this are not a standard feature in the game, hence this addon will come with quirks.

The reefer engine will play after coupling the trailer.
You can also perceive the hum of it inside the truck.

# Compatibility

Tested only for 1.41 game version.
Requires Sound Fixes Pack (version 21.57 or higher) enabled for this to work.
Not guaranteed to work with mods replacing vanilla SCS trailers and other wind noise mods.

If you want to configure these sounds to work with a different reefer trailer mod, check out the modding guide here:

# Important quirks to note!

– This relies on the wind sound to “carry” the reefer sound once you drive, so other wind noise mods won’t be compatible.
– “Noise of the flowing air” must be activated in the Audio settings.
– Due to the way the wind sounds are optimized in game, it cannot sustain the reefer sound at 0 km/h for long.
– The reefer sounds should kick back in once you set off, however.
– The Trailer Noise slider controls the sound volume of the reefer startup noise and sound loop of a new cycle.
– The Truck Noise slider controls the sound volume of the reefer sound loop when driving.
– It is recommended to have both sliders at the same volume (50%) for consistency.
– The sound event will stop shortly after decoupling. You can always reconnect the trailer to reactivate the cycle.
– If you want to take a break and keep the reefer idling, such as when you’re at a truck stop:
Simply disconnect and reconnect the trailer to reactivate the cycle.
This will allow you to hear the reefer when you are idle or parked. It can be a relaxing white noise this way.

Regarding what the refrigerated trailer sound can be confirmed to work with:

– Freight Market: Confirmed to work.
– External Contracts: Confirmed to work.
– Quick Jobs: Can work, but you need to disconnect and reconnect the trailer to start the cycle.
– Ownable Trailers: Not applicable.

Drive Safely


4 thoughts on “Reefer / refrigerated trailer sound addon for ATS 1.41 [SCS trailers only]

  1. Randy Wolkens

    Was sure about what you meant about owned trailers, as to whether you meant mod trailers, owned scs trailers, or both, so I tried this with both freight market and cargo market loads, and no reefer sounds at all. I picked up loads of raw meat, and frozen vegetables, and followed your instructions to the letter. I also noticed that my 49x lost turn signal, city horn, and wiper sounds, but when I exited the game, and deactivated this mod upon logging back in, the sounds were back. Any of my friends who have tried this mod have experienced the same issues.

    1. Drive Safely

      All sounds are confirmed to be working for other players. Try checking whether the trailer is a default reefer trailer and not one from another mod. Make sure you have the latest version of the Sound Fixes Pack also.

      Owned SCS/mod trailers & cargo market loads do not work with it

  2. I can’t get this mod to work no matter what. I made sure all my sound setting in game were as listed in the description of this page, I removed any wind/interior sounds effects I used (all of my sound effects mostly from zee mods) I removed my SCS utility trailer mods, I also have the most up to date version of sound fix from the steam workshop “Version 21.68” and the reefer sounds just will not work for me no matter what I try.

    1. Nevermind, found out it does work, Just only with freight market trailers. I love when I get to haul reefers IRL. I hope you soon make this compatible with ownable SCS trailers, Nice sounding mod though.

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