Realistic Weather by BlackStorm v 2.0

This climate mod is based on the Piva Weather Mod but with some added improvements such as:

– Mod adapted to v.1.6.x of American Truck Simulator
– Removed obsolete files
– Changed the size of some textures

This mod is compatible with any map (for example MHAPro Map)

New in this version 2.0:

– Reduced the size of the textures
– New lights for the IA traffic
– Reworked all sky textures – now are in HD
– Darker Nights
– 0% lag and without errors in gamelog

Some features of the model are:

– 62 high-resolution sky textures
– 13 types of weather during the day
– 12 types of dawn
– 13 types of sunset
– 14 types of evening
– Several types of night
– No Bloom
– Shadows of clouds
– Realistic colors
– Variable weather


– Enable HDR
– Disable color correction
– This mod must be in first position in the list of active mods

Tested on the game version


BlackStorm, PIVA


16 thoughts on “Realistic Weather by BlackStorm v 2.0

  1. I’m not in this mod.

    1. No but the textures of the mod are yours so I have to thank you

      1. Deputydawg

        You could mention what he’s being credited for so that downloaders won’t think that he’s helping create the mod.

        1. Yes I mentioned people in the credits, what have I done wrong?

        2. In the description.txt file that is inside the scs file I wrote at the end:


          – Original mod: Piva
          – Modified and adapted by: BlackStorm

  2. небо ужасного качества просто невероятно ужасного

  3. Really+nice+work+BlackStorm.+Thanks+for+your+efforts+and+sharing+this!

    1. Thank you RQS :) :)

  4. blackstorm i know whats crashing it its mha pro map the final version

  5. MHAPro 1.6.5. for ATS v1.6 im using.

    1. Hi seb99
      I do not know if I have the MHAPro 1.6.5 map and everything seems to work fine, try downloading the map again from the creator’s official website ( because can It turns out that the version you downloaded is corrupted

  6. I+use+mhapro+1.6.5+it+doesn’t+crash+my+game

  7. Will I have less fps? And can I use hdr no bloom mod?

  8. Love it! Excellent work.
    Just one thing: Any chance to dim the AI lights? Especially the rear lights. Looks like everybody is standing on the brake pedal which makes them really bright.
    Or if there is a simple (not a modder here, but I can edit files) way to edit a specific file(s)?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Crashes my game if i Quick Travel

  10. Is it compatible with graphic mod?

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