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Realistic Graphics Mod v 3.0 – by Frkn64

Date 2019-06-26 19:49

Visit our website to see more images of mod: https://en.frkn64modding.com/realistic-graphics-mod-for-ats/
This mod improves ATS graphics for better realism.
– 70 Realistic skybox textures in 4K resolution
– Realistic light flares & reflection effects
– Realistic & vibrant colors
– Realistic terrain textures
– Realistic rain & thunder sounds
– Realistic raindrop effects(inside of trucks)
– Realistic water textures
– Realistic cloud shadows
– Realistic climate events (fog, wind, rain)

Note: “Color Correction” option in the graphic settings must be active when using this mod.
Tip 1: To disable bloom effect, use the No-Bloom add-on.(available at frkn64modding.com)
Tip 2: For high quality skybox textures, set “Texture quality: High” in the graphic settings.
Available here: https://en.frkn64modding.com/realistic-graphics-mod-v3-0-update-notes/


Please respect our work by following these rules;
– If you want to share the mod on other websites, share with the original download links below.
– Don’t re-upload the mod to any cloud storage website.
– If you edit the mod files, don’t share it on the web. Keep it only on your computer.
Thanks for your attention.

Frkn64 Modding

DOWNLOAD 391 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 391 MB [Modsbase]

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5 Responses to Realistic Graphics Mod v 3.0 – by Frkn64

  1. Avery J Gage

    Im guessing this is not compatible with Reshade and jbx. Correct?

  2. According to my tests, this mod is not compatible with C2C, CanaDream, Mexico extension and so on. The game crashes with this activated mod. Seems only as stand allone to work.

    • Oh shit… I don’t mean this mod, but the MHA Pro Map extension. Please forget my posting from above. My mistake. I spread ash on my head and insert a Lent.

  3. Richard Heade

    This mod is only 350mb in game, your other mods have been 1.35GB in the past, have you missed things out in this version, please?

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