A Good Start SaveGame 1.35

40lvl 36 points to be allocated.
Garage – Sacramento (3slots)
Money – 700.000$
No truck.
No trailers.
Two drivers max skill.
Unlock all truck dealers.
Unlock bank.

Tested 1.35

Does not require dlc maps.

Author – Kuba6


Copy folder 3031 to C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorprofiles



2 thoughts on “A Good Start SaveGame 1.35

  1. Yeah, lets get rid of all the interesting things about this game. Oh wait, then, why play at all? lol. These mods are so completely ######. Dude, if you are so lazy that you need something like this to play… this is not the game for you.

  2. Bigmack73

    This profile crashes the game. I see it in the profiles in game. It also needs DLC truck skins. That may be why it crashes.

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