Real Traffic Density and Ratio v 1.6 by Cip

– added necessary files for doubles/triples/heavy trailer in traffic addon
– adjustments of traffic ratio: more trucks on motorways in evening and nightime
– corrected frequency and count numbers to more realistic values allowing correct ratio cars/trucks/buses
– added spawn_distance_forward parameters, allowing traffic to spawn at further distance
– Most of Ai vehicles will turn on lights on bad weather
– Trucks will always haul a trailer
– limited slow vehicles only 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening

Cipinho, Alin Todor


5 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio v 1.6 by Cip

  1. How+to+reduce+the+number+of+double+trailers?

  2. remove number in frequency on def\world\traffic_rules_spawn.cip.sui (dtruck)

  3. I do not have doubles and triples in traffic new profile

    1. reply on your other post…

  4. Tchabalala

    It crashes the game after updating to 1.31. Please fix it. :-)

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