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ATS Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic

Date 2018-03-02 10:43

This is an add-on for Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip v1.6 https://forum.scssoft.com/ viewtopic.php?f=198&t=247734
the add-on is bringing in traffic all doubles, triples and heavy trailers from the Heavy cargo DLC in traffic. because traffic density files requires modifications, this add-on will only work with my traffic density mod and only with latest version

thank you Mr Larrington for implementing the doubles and triples in ATS, I only created the traffic spawn for them. for Heavy cargo in traffic thanks to Jazzycat for his old mod that I adapted for 1.30, to the new traffic system.
all trailers are free to circulate in all States


Mr Larrington, Jazzycat, Cipinho, Alin Todor, SCS


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7 Responses to ATS Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic

  1. Kei

    Can you make this compatible without Cip’s mod?

  2. Female Trucker

    This conflicts with sisl trailers for me anyway, gave me a lot of red errors, saying, unable to find trailers for ai. Really sorry. Mod was taken out of game, all is good again.

    • Cip

      then you have to decide what you want, my add-on for doubles/triples and heavy cargo or SiSL trailers

  3. Jaro.37

    I do not have doubles and triples in traffic new profile

  4. Cip

    compatibility with other traffic mods was not tested except for all jazzycat packs which works. this addon is only working only with my latest traffic density mod which has been updated to accommodate all these trailers in traffic.

  5. Cip

    for other questions I will reply faster on scs forum:

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