Real Physics and Suspension Behaviour v2.0 by MKR


This mod changes the behaviour of truck suspensions and also modifies the interior camera movement.

Whats New !?

– Well in this version(v2.0) i have adjusted the overall mass of cabin and wheels giving more precise steering(especially on the short chassis);
– adjusted the brake balance towards a more rear biased braking;
– modified pitch and roll factor and damping for a more softer feel of suspensions;
– air resistance is back to default value now;
– thrust viscosity characteristics are scaled closer to engine torque;
– adjusted transmission and retarder feel depending on engine rpm.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS for this mod to work best:
Physical camera movement – ON
Physical camera movement factor – Slider towards far right.

Tested on ATS

You are not allowed to modify or upload this mod to other sites!

Enjoy !



14 thoughts on “Real Physics and Suspension Behaviour v2.0 by MKR

  1. Thank you very much :D

    Onlu using camera from your mod as i already have my favorite physics mod :D

    thank you for sharing it :P love the feeling (i dont have track IR… it feels kinda more reel moving around in the cab, even tho i edited heigh limit for my personnal taste)

    Love it :D

    Do you know MKR if it is possible to have left and right centrifuge movement momentum to as we turn in curves so we roll a bit to the left when turning right ?

    1. ..or rolling to the right when we turn left as well :P

  2. MIke Rules

    Glad you like it Ethanyl.

    I am working on this mod as we speak. I intend to update this mod to bring it as close to reality as possible.
    The thing is some parameters are hardcoded by scs and can not be changed, some can. There is still a lot of tweaks and fine tuning left though so anything is possible.
    Unless of course scs decides otherwise on the next patch ;)

    1. can you make a mod to make the steering better for us players using keyboard and controller?? love the work you have done!!

  3. I never thought to use the camera movement factor till now. But I noticed one item probably not adjustable. The movement of the cab on right to go up when releasing the clutch at starting from dead stops. Is it possible to seperate the right and left sides of cab to move seperately when engine torque from motor mounts cause the right side to raise more than the left.? I noticed both sides as of now move equally, which is not the real movement for heavy loads. But you have done well so far. thanks

    1. I really can’t believe SCS didn’t do this from the start. As an American very familiar with mechanics, the torque of these engines twist the chassis, even when unloaded. So for the truck not to twist to the right when accelerating is pathetic. They really need to stop calling themselves a “simulator.” Just call it American Trucking but they have never earned the “simulator” badge. Even Euro Trucks don’t move like they should.

  4. It seems to be on a boat…

  5. I use Improved Truck Physics with your camera which makes it the best experience i have ever had in ETS/ATS. Thank you very much. :)

    1. how do you do it? i mean, keep the both mods active and working

      1. You need 7-zip program to open both mods and then you can simply draw the camera folder to the other mod.

        1. nice… i did it with unrar, the mod works fine now… thanks dude

  6. it’s a very clever idea use the camera to add realism to the suspension but the truck shakes like crazy even with the physical camera movement factor placed in the medium range

  7. Doesnt anyone care about the correct FOV in this game?? I want my view in the game to mimic as close to 1:1 as possible, not further away from it. That SCS doesnt give proper FOV adjustments speaks volumes about this “simulator”. All the Playstation kids love it.

    The Bot verifiy is total #### and you should be embarrassed.

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