Real Company Mod v2.0

Mod features:
Changed some company names and logos to real ones;
(All the companies in the future)
After some research I find the ideal substitute company
in order to have all the cargo making sense;
Also changed the respective trailer skins to the new ones:

Company list:
Walbert ———–> Walmart
Plaster & Sons —-> Centex
Voltison Motors —> Tesla Motors
Rail Export ——-> BNSF Railway
42Print ———–> Staples
Darchelle Uzau —-> E&J Gallo winery (from my old mod)
Coastline mining –> BHP Billiton (from my old mod)
Oakland Shippers –> Port of Oakland

Misc changes:
– Changed GasWorld logo on gas tanks to AmeriGas (Can be found in BNSF (Rail Export) Depot);
– Added Kaeser logo to compressors (found in construction site and oil storage);
– Changed some container brands to real ones (Found on ports);

Tested on ATS v1.5.x

More photos and info at:

SCS, Pedro Martins, satan19990


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