Piva Weather v 2.6

Version 2.6

Now with skybox model :lol:

Added clouds shadows
Changed far fog
Changed brightness
Changed specular color for chrome support
Support climates


Added own water reflection. folder – /material/terrain/water/
Used traffic flare. Folders


DOWNLOAD 125 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 125 MB [Uploadfiles]

6 thoughts on “Piva Weather v 2.6

  1. I liked the previous versions, but the cloud shadows do really cut it for me. Awesome!

  2. Love the mod! Just one problem, at certain times the sky will start turning pink, then just go red with a message “Texture not found”

    1. I know now.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Tom. The previous version had much better clouds and sky. Now they is way too much contrast making them look washed out. Also, there is a lot of turquoise sky instead of blue. The moving cloud shadows are a nice touch though.

    I wonder if you could do something with that ###### full moon. SCS got real lazy with that. Come on, a full moon every single night in exactly the same spot? If it can’t be made to move, like the sun, and show the changes throughout the month, I would rather see it eliminated all together. For a company to strive for realism, like SCS has, why they did this is beyond me.

  4. Thanks for the fix. I got the pink sky too. Didn’t last long and soon faded to the normal sky. I was too hasty in my assessment also. I have no problem how the sky looks, and the cloud shadow affect is great.

    Any thoughts on that ######, unmoving full moon that I mentioned in my other post?

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