DC-PAM Trailer for ATS


PAM Transport trailer skin by request.

Tested on

Only 1 of my skinned Stewowe’s trailers can be activated per game session.

File comes with my skin plus Stewowe’s trailer mod all in one scs.

Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


10 thoughts on “DC-PAM Trailer for ATS

  1. awesome Dave…

    1. Thanks! Those stripes were a ###### though! lol Hey where would you like me to send your personal company trailer? It’s done. You have an email addy you want me to send it because im not sure if this site will let me post it up here in a message to you. It will have to be to a personal email or posted on this site as a normal mod. Thanks!

      1. mate your a star :) send it to [email protected] plz bud and once again thanks!

        1. or you could use the submit form on my site i forgot about that lol :)

      2. hahaha the stripes :) yeh man they screwed my mind up i went through three redbulls to get them sorted :)

        1. Hey man for some reason I couldn’t see your replay here, but I did see it under messages when you click on your profile here. Anywho, I sent you the link to your completed company trailer. Enjoy! :)

          1. thanks David and take a well earned rest i cant have my fav trailer Skinner burning out :)

          2. no problem man! and rest i will. lol :)

  2. Happy Easter David. You da man. This game is so much better than ETS2 and cruisin along with friends that fulfill every trucking need is so cool. gettin messages thru this system is very unpredictable but they do get thru.
    Now all this game needs is for someone to create a company making program that will let you input company names, location of said company,add company trucks and trailers list products to haul and haul between supply and designated deliveries and make multiple delivery points with one load, like Walmart for instance. But #### I can’t do it. Do we have any takers? enough said Thanks again for PAM Combo.

    1. Happy Easter James. I’m glad you like the trailer. Have fun on some longhauls! :)

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